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Common mistake young engineer do make at Site
  1. Calculating the weight of steel per metre using formula
  1. Always expecting dumpy level instrument to carry out leveling activities
  1. Failing get the delivery receipt from the driver if they receive any materials in site
  1. Failing to check the quality of received materials before unloading it.
  1. Failing to plan for next day’s work
  1. Failing to arrange materials properly in site. ( for example, if you have steel rods in your site, you have to cover it completely using polythene sheet in order to avoid attack of moisture during night to prevent corrosion of steel
  1. Failing to keep materials ready to the nearest area if you have concreting on the next day
  2. Failing to put diesel for cleaning the concrete mixer before concreting
  1. Failing to soak bricks, terracotta tiles or blocks in water before laying with mortar as these materials have high IRA( initial rate of absorption)
  1. Failing to clean and moist the surface before concreting
  2. Failing to getting thoroughed with unit conversion from metres to feet
  1. Failing to check the verticality of the formwork and reinforcement before concreting
  2. Failing to operate total station instrument
  1. Always willing to leave the construction site early
  2. Failing to possess a diary while working( engineer executive diary is available in market. Possessing a diary is a symptom of a sincere engineer and recording all the activities in diary is important because all activities involve money)
  3. Failing to take photos of their finished works
  1. Failing to get approval for plastering, concreting etc
  2. Failing to arrange lights and electricity to the labors who are working in night
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